Jaguar XE

Jaguar Set to Compete in New Class with 2016 Jaguar XE

Jaguar XETo reach a whole new market of buyers and improve the daily commute of savvy drivers, Jaguar is storming into the compact sedan market in the coming year with the all-new Jaguar XE. Although pricing and an exact release date have yet to be announced, the luxury car should list as the most affordable Jaguar sedan on the market.

The Jaguar XE, which was just unveiled to the world for the first time, is expected to be loaded with cutting-edge technology and a 340-horsepower supercharged V6 engine that will blow you away. The brand-new Jaguar sedan is also projected to come with top-of-the-line fuel economy to help drivers cruise by the gas pumps and focus on the drive ahead.

The price point for the segment Jaguar is targeting with the XE is typically somewhere in the $35,000 to $55,000 range. That means the XE should open the doors to a whole new generation of potential customers for Jaguar, which should bode well with drivers looking for a new luxury vehicle.

“The XE is unbelievably important,” said Ralf Speth, Jaguar Land Rover’s chief executive officer. “We’ll have an opportunity to bring younger customers, to bring female customers into the range of Jaguar.”

Though the Jaguar XE is likely still a year away from being available to buyers, we’ll have ample time to generate buzz surrounding the innovative sedan! If you’d like to get behind the wheel of your own luxury vehicle and don’t feel like waiting another year, then visit our Jaguar dealership in Peabody today and test-drive a handful of our finest models.

BMW i8

BMW Launches Innovations Campaign to Highlight New Technology Features

BMW i8The BMW i8 has long been lauded for its incredible technology, bringing the future of safety and comfort to the present through its myriad of revolutionary features. Now, BMW is bringing the i8′s technology to other models in its fleet of Ultimate Driving Machines, and is calling attention to this impressive migration of technology through its new Innovations campaign.

The campaign features three spots that showcase how BMW is taking the tech it used to craft the i8 and applying it to additional vehicles. In a video titled “Change, “BMW showcases its Adaptive LED Headlight technology, now available on the BMW 5 Series. In “Eyes Everywhere,” BMW displays the power of its Surround Camera System, and how the 360-degrees view can now be utilized in the BMW X3.

And in “Looking Forward,” seen below, BMW illustrates the i8′s impressive Full-Color Head-Up Display, also available in the BMW 3 Series. This system relays important info, such as speed limit, navigation and collision warnings, right into the driver’s field of view.

“Innovation is at the core of everything we do. Following in the lead of the BMW i8, which epitomizes innovation, we are elevating the technology across our entire range of BMW models, as highlighted in this national campaign,” Trudy Hardy, vice president, marketing, BMW of North America said in a release.

BMW is encouraging customers nationwide to engage in “tech drives” at dealerships, which allow you to experience the technology born from the i8 first-hand. We certainly can’t wait to share the experience with you at our BMW dealership in Peabody, and the members of our BMW Genius Bar are on-hand to show you how to get the most out of the technology in your vehicle!


Tata Motors and Land Rover Working Towards Potential Self-Learning Vehicle

A car that has a mind of its own? It may sound crazy, but it could be in the works.

According to a recent reports,  Jaguar Land Rover and their parent company, Tata Motors, plan on working together to create a self-learning SUV that features cutting-edge technology never before seen in the automotive industry.

The hypothetical vehicle would use artificial intelligence techniques to create the world’s first self-learning car. The idea is that the vehicle would recognize the passengers inside, adapt to their driving styles and understand their personal preferences, ranging from their climate control settings to how they like to sit. The innovative Tata-Land Rover concept vehicle would be able to predict things like driver behavior depending on time of day, traffic conditions and even the weather outside.

Not enough for you? Rumors are the car would even be able to predict driver destinations and may also feature auto adaptive Cruise Control and intelligent notifications among, well, who knows what else they’re capable of creating if this concept pans out.

“The aim of our self-learning technology is to minimize driver distraction, which will help reduce the risk of accidents,” said Wolfgang Epple, Director of Research and Technology for Jaguar Land Rover. “Presenting the driver with information just at the right time whilst driving will reduce both cognitive distraction and the need for the driver to look away from the road to scroll through phone lists, or adjust mirrors, temperature or seat functions while on the road,”

A drastic leap in automotive luxury may be on the horizon, but to get behind the wheel of a high-end Land Rover SUV that’s already available, contact our Land Rover dealership in Peabody today!

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