BMW i3 Charging

BMW Makes the i3 Electric Car Cheaper and Easier to Charge Than Ever

BMW i3 Recharging via BMW i Remote AppOne of the major deterrents for those who might otherwise upgrade to electric cars is the fear that there are just not enough charging stations around the country today. Well, BMW has launched a huge campaign to make those concerns irrelevant– they plan to offer more stations, cheaper home charging docks and even free charging for BMW i3 drivers.

The first part of the series of i3-related announcements BMW has made recently is the introduction of the new i DC Fast Charger, which can charge a battery to 80% in just 30 minutes. Additionally, it weighs only 100 pounds and can be mounted on a wall, instead of the heavy concrete groundings most chargers need. This charging station setup will be offered to BMW dealers and authorized vendors for a price of $6,548, less than a third of what other chargers cost to purchase. This will make it cheaper than ever to install a public fast-charging station and, ideally, help entice more places to offer charging for electric cars.

Additionally, BMW has promised to install 50 of these charging stations in California by the end of the year, and another 50 by the end of 2015. From there, they hope to expand into other markets and continue encouraging people to go green and use cars like the BMW i3 and hybrids like the BMW i8.

How does all this affect you, though? Well, BMW is offering free charging to all owners of 2014 BMW i3 vehicles until the end of 2015. As long as your i3 is equipped with the Fast Charging outlet option, you can swipe your BMW ChargeNow card and juice up completely free of charge at any participating NRG eVgo Freedom Station.

So why wait? In order to be eligible, you must use your first charge by the end of this year, so come to our Peabody, MA BMW dealership and check out the i3 today! Test-drive one of these cars and be part of the automotive future.

Your Jaguar or Land Rover Vehicle Will Soon Be Able To Think For You

Accidents often happen when a driver gets distracted from concentrating on the road. Whether you’re talking on the phone, adjusting the volume or air conditioning in your car or even mentally planning out your day, thinking about anything other than driving can be dangerous to you and everyone else on the road. Buy a Jaguar or Land Rover vehicle in the future, and you may never have to worry about those distractions again.

Jaguar Land Rover recently announced that it’s pioneering a new “Smart Assistant” feature that will learn the driver’s preferences, memorize his or her routine and carry out numerous functions automatically to let the driver focus on driving. We read about it and watched the video above, and we still can’t believe how useful and brilliant this new technology will be. Here are just a few tasks that the new self-learning Jaguar will be able to perform:

  • The car will pair with your phone’s calendar and remind you of every event you have planned. When you’re home or at work, your phone will even study the traffic on the roads and let you know when you should leave to get to your next destination on time.
  • It will recognize you entering the car before you even open the door and automatically adjust for your personal preferences, like seat and mirror position, sound volume and car temperature. Your Jaguar will even make useful changes like cooling down the car when you’re on the way home from the gym or raising the sound volume when your passengers leave the vehicle.
  • If you often make a phone call at a certain time of day or on a specific trip, your Land Rover vehicle will ask if you would like to make the call, so that you don’t need to touch your phone to do so. If you’re going to be late for an event on your calendar, your car can email or call the host to automatically let him or her know.
  • Before making a long journey, your Jaguar will let you know if you have enough fuel to get to your destination. If you’re low on gas, the car will suggest gas stations based on your preferred brand and location.
  • The car will learn your driving style on all types of roads and in all traffic conditions, so that when you activate Jaguar’s auto adaptive cruise control, your vehicle will match your driving style while driving autonomously.

We can’t wait to see how development progresses on this awesome new feature. Whenever the “Smart Assistant” becomes available, we’ll be sure to show it off to you at our new MA Jaguar dealership in Peabody!

Audi S5

Audi Leads Luxury Brands in 2014 Strategic Vision Total Quality Index

Audi S5In reality, a car owner’s idea of quality not only includes practical elements, like reliability and efficiency, but also the emotions that a vehicle’s styling or driving dynamics can evoke. Strategic Vision incorporated that more holistic view into its 2014 Total Quality Index (TQI), and for the third straight year, Audi led among luxury brands based on owner feedback.

Tapping the opinions of more than 38,000 new-vehicle owners, Strategic Vision inquired about both positive and negative experiences with each model, including actual problems, reliability, driving excitement and other measures that combine to create an emotional response. After that feedback was quantified into scores based on a 1,000-point scale, Audi ranked first among luxury brands in the TQI, while the Audi A5 Coupe, Audi Q5 and Audi Q7 were announced as winners in the Premium Coupe, Near-Luxury Utility and Luxury CUV segments, respectively.

“Reliability and overall quality are certainly important factors for any vehicle shopper, but luxury buyers also want a ride that can appeal to their emotions day-in and day-out, and Audi provides the best mix of gripping acceleration, emotive styling and impeccable engineering that will keep you out of the repair shop,” said Larry Bedell, general manager of Audi of Nashua, a New Hampshire Audi dealer. “Whether it’s the sleek design lines of the A5 or the sophisticated athleticism of the Q5 and Q7, Audi owners have a lot to rave about when reporting their experiences to research firms like Strategic Vision.”

More U.S. buyers turned to the Audi Q5 and Q7 in June, as both crossover SUVs experienced double-digit sales growth compared to the same month last year. With more than 4,000 models finding new homes, sales of the compact Audi Q5 rose by 15 percent last month, while the full-size Audi Q7 saw a 17 percent increase with 1,429 units sold. Those strong dealership performances helped the overall Audi brand set a June record by moving 16,867 units, a 23 percent jump year-over-year.

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